Parivartan Boarding School

Hills of Uttarakhand are facing so many problems such as good and quality education, health facilities and employment. The only livelihood was farming but wild animals like monkeys and swine made it impossible. The government of Uttarakhand has nothing done for this so the result is massive migration but who are poor and destitute are unable to do so. 


The organization has been trying in the field of quality education to those poor students but require help. A little help can change the life of a child. Please help the children. 


Parivartan Grameen Samaj Sevi Sanstha

Bank- Central Bank of India

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IFSC Code: CBIN0282583

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The water crisis is coming up in India. The report tells about only about metropolitan cities and big towns as underground water level have been decreased to its last end but villages are also facing the water scarcity due to wrong practice and lack of knowledge. Himalaya is only source of water but increasing global warming is continuously becoming the threat to this. Instead of snow covered peaks only source to survive is rain water and it must be conserved worldwide. 

In this behalf the government has take serious concern about its plannings and their proper executions through all three parts of the government. Panchayats are the low level government and units for the programmes so awareness must be required otherwise the panchayats have become only source of employment of elected person and nothing for the development and the common mass. 

MNREGA  is the best source for the implementation of such programmes but as I have knowledge the Pachayats bodies have no interest for the implementation of this programme because the money goes direct in the accounts of the beneficiaries so the elected people do not take interest in it. I also want to tell those people who are enrolled as the beneficiaries of MNREGA must be more concern to the nature and its conservation for their  own existence. 

We have started here a little and want to enlarge it properly and want to request the those who can support us to enlarge this because it will not benefit us only but till the long end of the rivers where they meet to the sea. 

The Corporate Houses, The Big organizations, the government can support us financially to execute such programme and those bodies which are working for the same cause.


Teachers Day Celebration and Plantation

Parivartan School's children organized Teachers's Event today. The various cultural activities are performed  the students. There was also plantation campaign organized by the organization. The Chief Guest Sh. Surendra Dutt Nautiyal, BDO, Kot block and ABDO Mr. Rawat also planted here Chandan and Padam plants with Mr. C.S. Juyal in the school campus and pomegranate in a orchard of village Kanda being developed by Mr. Juyal with the cooperation of village people.


73rd Independence day

Parivartan School celebrated 73rd Independence day at the school premises and performed various activities. 


Water conservation

Water conservation and seed bomb in the waste land of village Kanda by Parivartan School and the villagers

This is new another start of the organization to sow fruit seeds in the waste land because there are very acute interference of wild animals in the villages because they have nothing to eat so approaching to the villages to destroy their crops or yields. I think if the villagers use their waste land for fruits fodder and forests include the wild life can also be preserved land have no clash in between. 

Another thing is water conservation. This culture is earnestly required to conserve the rain water and our waste lands can be used for this. There is some government schemes like MNRGA in which such works can be done. Each gram panchayat has a duty to do such work to conserve the water and let the benefit from Himalaya to the Sundervan or like that. 



Plantation programme

Parivartan organized a plantation and environment cleaning programme to day i.e. 5th August in village Kanda  its project village. The students of Parivartan Public School and Mahila Mangal Dal under the leadership of its President Smt. Veena Juyal participated the programme. The road and school campus are also cleaned by weeding out by the students and the teachers. 

500 Pomegranate tree plants have been planted in the waste land and the people of the village are also convince to join hand with the organizations efforts. 


Drawing competition and Library setup by Sanskriti at Parivartan School

Today Sanskriti organized a drawing competition in Parivartan School on the occasion of A Library Opening Initiatives. Abhay 8th got 1st, Deepanshu 1st -2nd and Indira 4th got 3rd prize. Other students Suhani, Vaani, Ayush, Anamika and Khushi got consolation prizes. 


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Annual Day Celebration of Parivartan Public School

Annual Day Celebration of Parivartan Public School


Rangoli and Mehandi Celebration before Diwali and Farewell to Akhil Bachheti

Akhil Bachheti of the school has been selected in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Khairasain for 6th class. The school is trying to give such education to these rural kids that they could come in the competition and get place in respective Institutions and come in the mainstream of the nation.