"Once a great culture and identity"Is now just a history and memories!

Parivartan - milestone

Our contribution to our land, people, culture and nature!


India lives in her villages and we cannot rise to or true potential as a country without a fundamental transformation in the lives of people in rural India. At the PGSSS we believe that the partnership of rural India with the corporate, young urban India, the Government and other foundations or organization and individual is the key to create a permanent and irreversible change for good. We work:

To provide quality education to rural students.

To encourage local rural people to stay back in their villages and refresh the rural society.

To develop competitive rural soceiety to compete with the modern urban Society.

To introduce modern quality education and opportunities to the rural society

Survival of the villages, family institution and human values.

To develop natural resources through modernization in agriculture, horticulture, dairy, poultry, art and architecture of the area.

To balance human resource and natural resources with sustainability.

Our Strategy:

Engage, Execute, Empower and Exit-to engage rural community with corporate, young urban India, not for profit organizations & government to execute programmes that empower the communities to transform their own lives, enabling us to exit and allowing them to serve as role models and change agents for the rest of the country.


Our strength is our dedicated team of members, teachers, volunteers, full time staff, field staff, donors and supporters. Dedication: The dedication of the team is such that, this team of teachers, volunteers are working in the area of rural social development from last 40 years.

Experience: Where the President and principal of PPS is having experience of 40 years of social service and 20 years in teaching at recognized institutions, other teachers and support staff is equally experienced and skilled in the best possible manner.