About usA small brief on what have done and who we are

Parivartan Grameen Samaj Sevi Sansthan is a Voluntary Organization which is registered under Society Act-1860.It was established by group of likeminded social workers teachers who are working in the field of basic health. Education, Vocational training, employment generation and skill development training Programmes, environmental Protection, rural development, women empowerment and child protection, Social Justice and other important Social development issues.

Parivartan Grameen Samaj Sevi Sansthan works as a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization works among rural women, children, unemployed youth and backward poor villagers. Major areas of interest of the Organization are Vocational Training, women employment, Primary and non-formal Education. Basic health, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Environmental Protection, Agriculture and Horticulture Production, Small scale& home Industry Protection, Self Help Groups ( SHGs),Employment Oriented Vocational Training, Old age home construction. Women &Child Protection and Social Justice, Youth Development Promotion of Arts and Culture, Reproductive Child health and Awareness on various Social, Health and Current Issues

(Parivartan Grameen Samaj Sevi Sansthan) has successfully ventured since its inception for social development work. We are delighted to present our annual report ending 31March 2012, An overview of what (Parivartan Grameen Samaj Sevi Sansthan) means not only to us. but also to our supporters and our targeted beneficiaries the years of our growth, we believe that various problems that the society faces are interconnected-poverty and illiteracy, un-employment, social injustice and middle class apathy, health and environmental degradation, Degrading Education System and Migration

There was a "VISION" i.e. "THE CHANGE".

People in the hills of Uttrakhand "especially woman, children & youth" are left behind & aloof in these beautiful Himalayan hill tracks, which are undoubtedly beautiful but toughest to survive without modern amenities. Women are the core factor of the economy here, but they have no financial authority to use a single penny without the consent of the mail member of their family. They work since the beginning till the last hour of the day. Water, food, fuel and fodder are the basic requirement of their households around what their whole life is spinning. A requirement to liberate that "NARI" from the shackles of a kind of slavery they have been living not for years but generations, that was a dream to build a safe & sound society for children, where they could posses what they require from education to basic amenities. A society with ample opportunities for the youth doesn't migrate from here, and save the families, villages, the society and the hills of Garhwal from destruction. Education level is higher in comparison of other states of India. Even then there is more unemployment and migration but why?

Lack of equal opportunities of education, professional trainings, and the human resource of the area is left behind to show its skills here and in the cities and towns. The organization set its goal to start an education centre for these left behinds and a vision to return a son to their old parents back.

"MISSION" i.e. "THE DEVELOPMENT" to achieve set Objectives.

There is a strong requirement of socio-economic and political development of the people of this area. Dairy, poultry, horticulture, floriculture, fishery, bee keeping, art and craft with local material, farming of medicinal plants and use of barren land to grow cash crops with sustainability of environment friendly, could be the best means of economic development of the people. Value added education to young and skill development programs to youths are the basic objectives of the organization. To achieve these objectives he welcomed like mind devoted youth and people of the area to come forth for the society. The targeted mission was for women empowerment, child development & youth development. Old people of the area are all alone here without any care, now the organization is trying to give them a platform where they could not only live peacefully but guide new generation with their life experience. They have been working for rural drinking water and sanitation because without this essential requirement there could not be any development in rural health. Environmental development is the basic requirement of the time because decreasing water table is an alarming signal to reaming people of the area. To plant a tree is not a first and foremost task but protect a tree sapling which is already in existence.

The "GOAL" i.e. "THE GROWTH".

For what there must be some constructive and feasible ideas on which some practical actions are required, which may stop the brain drain from here? The Mother Nature is tough enough here but could be proved productive and capable to feed its generations. Migration is not an exact solution. There is an immense need of co-operation between the natural resources and the human resource of the area. No land is useless and every person is unit of energy. The requirement is the best management of this juncture.

To achieve all these parameters "PARIVARTAN" is formed to provide its services to all those people who need help and special attention, those who have desire to be changed but lacking the will and strength to achieve that change. Education in which Indian culture and identity of the Nation could be felt easily but which is not orthodox but open to new horizon, new means of development, respect to the elders and teachers, love to younger and heart throbbing feeling to the Nature and its habitats, which the organization wanted to set up.

This was the reason of the formation an organization and which laid the foundation of PARIVARTAN (Practical & Research in various Agricultural, Rural Technologies and Nature) Grameen Samaj Sevi Sanstha, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakahnd, India.

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