Kamleswar Mahadev mandir Srinagar

Sita the goddess got last abode into the earth here. 'A Mela (Fair) is celebrated in village Phalswari on the name of Sita Mata wife of Lord Rama. The Balmiki Ashram is also here. In Kedarkhand the area is named after Sita (Sitavan) now it is called Sitonsyun. 


This is Lakshman Temple Dewar also connected to above story. The Kamleswar Mahadev mandir Srinagar is also connected to this story where "Rama worshiped lord Shiva  with Brahma kamal (Himalayan lotus). Raghunath Mandir Devprayag is also connected with this story. It is considered that the great Rama only came here via Srinagar Garhwal to find Sita and his sons. He did not go above Srinagar Garhwal where Badrinath is. Actually the Badridham is established by Aadi Shankaracharya in the 8th century.The last is Kinkaleswar mahadev at Pauri. It is surrounded by deodar dense forest at top of the Pauri town

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